Grindstone Sync Cloud is hosted in the Microsoft Azure platform, offering superlative scalability, stability and security.


If you wish to maintain exclusive control of your own data you may choose to install Grindstone Sync within your own network with Grindstone Sync Server.

Set up Grindstone Sync Server


A Grindstone Sync Cloud subscription costs just $5 per active user, per month. Active users are people that connect to Grindstone Sync Cloud with Grindstone at least once in a one-month billing period. Every team gets a thirty-day free trial of Grindstone Sync Cloud.


Examining the current status of your Epiforge Account as per our guidelines for selecting your first billing date (see below), we have determined that if you create a new Grindstone Sync Cloud subscription today, your billable usage for that subscription will begin in one month and you will receive your first charge for it in two months.

How we select your subscription's first billing date

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