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Task Force runs in the cloud or within your very own network.
Choose the solution that works best for you and your team.

Cloud Service Subscription

Private Hosting

Microsoft Windows Azure

Your Own Windows Server

Microsoft SQL Azure

Your Own Microsoft SQL Server

Performed by Epiforge / Assured by Microsoft

Reliant Upon Your Own IT Resources

Performed for you immediately and automatically.

Initial purchase includes necessary installtion materials for your own IT resources to use. Bug fixes and enhancements will be available for the same while within the terms of the Optional Annual Support and Maintenance Contract. System Support is available to perform any installation, configuration or update tasks necessary within your own environment on your behalf.

Available at an hourly rate for Integration issues.

Available at an hourly rate for Installation, Configuration, and Integration issues. All purchases come packaged with two free hours of system support.


Unlimited with Optional Annual Support and Maintenance Contract

Affordable and Convenient for Small Business

Greatest Value for Larger Teams

Automatic 30-Day Trial at Sign Up

Available (please contact Sales)