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You can host Task Force on your own hardware, in your own network... or we'll host it for you.
Getting everyone's time together has never been more within your reach.

Cloud Service Subscription

In addition to being the easiest and most accurate time tracking solution available, Task Force is also the most affordable via our Cloud Service Subscription.

Microsoft hosts your Task Force account for you via its Windows Azure cloud platform, offering superlative scalability, stability and security. You pay a monthly fee based on your usage of Task Force in that month. Like the power bill, the monthly bill for your Cloud Service Subscription rises and falls with your utilization; automatically accomedating for random lulls and sudden surges in business activity.

For accounts with less than 25 active users*, Epiforge charges a monthly fee of just $20 and $1.20 per each user active on Task Force account. For accounts with 25 active users* or more, Epiforge charges a monthly fee of just $2 per each user active on Task Force account.


Drag the demonstration slider** to see how the price changes depending on the number of active users.

* Active users are users that submitted or altered custom fields, tasks or time segments using Grindstone or the API in that month. Administrative, management, and reporting activities in Task Force do not count against the active user watermark for the month.

** The demonstration slider is for illustrative purposes; its maximum users does not reflect the maximum supported active users for the Cloud Subscription Service.

Private Hosting

Some customers simply cannot allow their data to leave their own network for regulatory and/or legal reasons. We offer customers with the need or desire to maintain exclusive control of their own data the option of Private Hosting, which means installing Task Force within your own network.


Epiforge charges $4800 for all the materials needed* for a privately hosted instance** of the Task Force core application system and two (2) hours of system support***. Additional hours of system support are available at the rate of $150 per hour. In addition, Epiforge offers a $720 annual support and maintenance contract which entitles the customer to access to all Task Force enhancements, bug fixes, and service packs during that year, as well as the same stellar general end-user support**** that cloud service subscribers enjoy.

Hosting Requirements

In order to host Task Force within your own network, you must have the following technologies available:

* Setup files for web application and services, initialization scripts for database server, and written general installation and configuration instructions.

** Privately hosted instances support only a single organization account but allow an unlimited number of users.

*** System support is provided by the Department of Technology and covers all installation, configuration, and interoperability (such as API integration) issues.

**** General end-user support is provided by the Department of User Experience and covers all functionality and features within Task Force, and those within Grindstone related to Task Force synchronization.