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The simple way to keep up with your team.

Powerful yet streamlined, Task Force makes it easier than ever to see how people in your organization are getting things done. And because it’s so simple to set up and manage, Task Force is perfect for overtaxed managers and firms who never thought they could have detailed time tracking.

Workflow Style.

Account security allows you to specify whether standard users can create, modify, or delete any kind of object in your system. By default, Task Force offers a model that works well for teams of peers in which the entire task list is shared. For teams with management hierarchies and/or clear divisions of responsibility, Task Force can be configured to confine each non-administrative user to the list of tasks to which they’ve been explicitly assigned. Switch between models at any time to decide which is best for you.


In addition to serving as a method of refining the list of tasks for each individual, assignments keeps track of the estimates and due dates per user for each task. Assigning a single task or multiple tasks or a single user or multiple users can be done with a single command. Set the due date and/or estimate if you wish, and Grindstone will remind your team of the pacing you expect. Use the fully-featured Assignments tab in Task Force to track down and view the statuses of any assigned tasks.

Supervisory Relationships.

Task Force’s administrative and management roles for users are easy to grasp, but sometimes the depth or complexity of your organization’s hierarchy requires a bit more specificity. With supervisory relationships, you can explicitly declare who manages whom in the firm. Once a user is declared a supervisor of one or more users, he or she has access to management reporting and tools when it comes to those users. And, supervisory relationships have transitive properties so that there’s no need for you to elaborate on common sense such as: If Susan manages Linda, and Linda manages Jim, then Susan implicitly manages Jim. Task Force understands such implications automatically.