Epiforge Software

It’s never been so easy to track time together.

The advanced features in Task Force bring more clarity, control, and collaboration to your organization.
So everyone on your team can be managed more effectively.

Grindstone Sync.

Submitting time could not be any easier than this. After your team has recorded time, Grindstone guides them through the Task Force submission process which takes mere seconds. While they’re working, Grindstone is in constant communication with Task Force, readily receiving changes made to their assigned tasks and drawing their attention to due dates and estimates that have changed. Each team member can use as many Grindstone-enabled devices as they want, and they will all be kept to date, even with each other.

Sweeping Reports.

View beautiful pie charts with Breakdown, expressive tabular data with Grid, detailed listings of individual entries with Time Log, and conventional timesheets with Timesheet. The powerful reporting model in Grindstone takes on a whole new dimension in Task Force: awareness of the user. Employ delineation and filtering options to look at the big picture, or just parts of it, from any angle you choose. View a Breakdown of John’s time by Client, or a Breakdown of all time for a specific client by team member. Since reports leverage your own custom fields, the sky is the limit.

Integration API.

Grindstone and Task Force are primarily concerned with time tracking, but the story rarely ends there. Use the Integration API to tie Task Force into your preferred project management system, payroll package, or even a custom front-end for your customers. Your developers will find thorough documentation, including available methods, example calls, and even libraries to drop into existing software projects and let them hit the ground running.