Epiforge Software

Grindstone Technical Specifications

Grindstone 3 Grindstone 2
Minimum Prcoessor 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent 400 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent
Minimum RAM 512 MB (2 GB recommended) 96 MB (256 MB recommended)
Minimum HDD Space 75 MB 20 MB
Minimum Display 800 x 600, 256 colors 800 x 600, 256 colors
Minimum Windows OS Windows XP Windows XP
Required .NET Framework 4.0 3.5 SP1
64-bit Support Yes Yes
Epiforge Version Recommendation For Newer Computers For Older Computers
Recommended for Terminal Services No Yes
Full Unicode Support Yes Yes
Multi-Language Support Yes No
Multi-Currency Support Yes Yes
User Documentation Online Manual Windows Help File
Installation: Mechanism Nullsoft Installer Nullsoft Installer
Installation: Required Privileges Standard User Administrator
Installation: Authenticode Signature Yes Yes
Automatic Update: Mechanism Epiforge Proprietary Epiforge Proprietary
Automatic Update: Participation Hard-wired Optional
Data Storage: Mechanism Microsoft SQL CE 4.0 Proprietary XML Format
Data Storage: Location User Selected Windows User Profile
Data Storage: Encryption User Entered Password Not Included
Data Storage: Import From Grindstone 2 Not Included
Data Storage: Integrated Backup System Not Included Included
Travel Mode Implementation Data Travels App and Data Travel
Federal Information Processing Standard 140 Compliant Compliant
User Interface Display GPU Accelerated Vector Graphics Standard Windows Controls
Task Management: Advanced Data Entry Included Included
Task Management: Auto Hide Completed Included Included
Task Management: Custom Fields Included Included
Task Management: Filtering Column-Specific with Advanced Operators
Simple Search
Focus Tasks
Simple Search
Task Management: Grouping Multiple Single
Task Management: Aggregates Included Not Included
Task Management: Dynamic Columns Included Not Included
Time Management: Drag and Drop Time Included Included
Time Management: Column Controls Included Not Included
Away Detection: Interface Graphical Multitask Away Seleciton-based Single Task
Away Detection: Triggering Options Idle Duration
Workstation Locked
Fast User Switching
Remote Desktop Disconnected
Computer Sleep
App Exited
Idle Duration
Reporting: Breakdown Included Included
Reporting: Grid Included Not Included
Reporting: Invoice Not Included Included
Reporting: Summary Included Included
Reporting: Timesheet Included Included
Reminders Included Included
Presentation Mode Included Included
Recently Timed Tasks Included Included
Task Force Sync Included Included
Rates Included Included
Global Hotkey Setting Included Included
Network Proxy Settings Included Included
Learning Achievements Included Not Included
Profiles Not Included Included
Autopilot Not Included Included
XML Export Not Included Included