Epiforge Software

Upgrade to Grindstone 3.
Take your Timing Data with You.

There’s no need to do any complex conversions or imports. Just download the setup program.
Install and run Grindstone 3. Tell it how to treat your Grindstone 2 data. And it will do the rest.

Follow these steps to begin your upgrade.

Step 1. Download the Grindstone 3 Setup Program.

Step 2. Close Grindstone 2.

Grindstone 2 and Grindstone 3 can normally run at the same time. But, in order for Grindstone 3 to completely import your timing data, we recommend you close Grindstone 2 the first time you run Grindstone 3.

If Grindstone 2 is running, click the Grindstone menu and select Exit Grindstone in its Task List window.

Step 3. Install Grindstone 3.

Run the setup program that you downloaded in Step 1 and choose to Install Grindstone 3.

Importing Grindstone 2 Data

Once Grindstone 3 is installed, run it and it will tell you that it has found your Grindstone 2 data. Click Yes, and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you need to import Grindstone 2 data after the initial installation of Grindstone 3, you can access the feature from the Task List's Grindstone menu.