Epiforge Software

Grindstone is ready for anything.
So are you, too.

It comes with tools for setting warnings and reminders, calculating charges and rates, displaying custom timers, and creating reports that show your work from a high level or down to the smallest detail. It even has a tool for finding and reclaiming gaps in your time keeping after the fact. Grindstone is more than full-featured, it’s fully loaded.

Reporting. Behold the awesome power of perspective.

Grindstone’s personal time reporting capabilities are literally unrivaled. View pie charts with Breakdown, hourly sums in two dimensions with Grid, detailed Summaries, or conventional Timesheets. Easily choose the tasks and range of dates that should be considered by selecting them in the Task List window. Integrate your own work flow and process by drawing upon custom fields for clients, projects, priorities, or any other categorization you can conceive. Watch any report update automatically as you change the parameters or the data upon which they’re based. Save the results in a wide variety of formats, print them out, or copy and paste them into another document like an e-mail or a presentation.

Charges and Rates. ‘Cause you gotsta get paid.

Grindstone is all about tracking time, but working is all about making money. So, we’ve included a strong set of features to help you take your time to the bank. Create and assign rates to tasks so that Grindstone knows what your time is worth. You can even create a general purpose rate for tasks that don’t have one explicitly assigned. Charge amounts accompany almost every way time can be displayed, from within the Task List time pane to the Breakdown, Grid, and Summary reports. No matter what currency you use or how you bill for your time—fractional rates, block rates, fixed rates—Grindstone gets the job done.

Reminders. Your attention, please.

Reminders help you stay on top of everything—from Grindstone, to your work, to yourself. You can be reminded to keep Grindstone timing, and periodically reminded of what you are timing. Set due dates and you can be reminded as deadlines approach. Set estimates and you can be reminded as your total time spent is consuming them. You can even be reminded to take breaks occasionally, or when it’s time to call it a day.

Power Tools. Even the supporting cast is all-star.

Display custom egg timers that count down when you need to head out for lunch or be on an important call. Archive the past by automatically hiding tasks after they’ve been marked complete for a certain amount of time. Paste a list of new tasks from your manager’s e-mails in one shot. Create a new rate based on how much you want to get paid for work you’ve already done. Search for gaps in your time and reclaim them.